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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about selling or trading your car? We've got answers.

It’s a common question – and it’s a good question and we have a good answer. Every single CarVendee transaction is backed up by a paper trail that protects you and it protects us. Secondly, we’ve found that having our buyers or vehicle condition assessors running around with large sums of money isn’t safe for them either.

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Go with us on this, but have you ever heard of Photoshop? Skype? Xerox? Uber?

These were all companies that got so good at doing one specific thing that their company name became a verb in the cultural lexicon– and that is exactly what CarVendee has set out to do.

Now CarVendee proper?

We’re based out of Charleston, South Carolina, and we’re powered by the Hudson Automotive Group, which gives us access to over 40 dealerships across the country. CarVendee took a look at what car buying has become, and we decided that we are all in on volume, and the customer experience.

So when you CarVendee your car, you’re selling it to a group of people who love cars. These are card nerds. We know what they’re worth and we’re realistic enough to know that buying a lot of cars ensures that we can buy a lot of cars.

When an outfit tries to rip someone off, they may buy one car and make a lot of money on that one car. But that means there are nine other cars that they didn’t buy.

CarVendee is all in on the customer experience, and buying a lot of cars.

Lets have a little “industry insider” discussion – if a Buyer is looking at a car that shows super clean, and that Buyer is stuck between two numbers which number do you think they’ll fall back on? Exactly the higher one.

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Unlike many of our competitors who just use bank drafts that aren’t even real checks and take 3-5 business days to process after deposit–we pay you in a live dealer check that you can cash same day at one of our bank branches. Or you can deposit it to your local bank same day.

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Let’s talk about the vehicle inspection that’ll happen during your appointment– this is where we confirm the physical conditions of your car, by looking at four main areas:

  • interior condition
  • exterior condition
  • mechanical integrity
  • structural integrity

Interior Condition — Here we’re going to look for rips, tears and stains to seats, carpets, and the headliner. We’ll ensure your electronic features function as intended, items like your navigation, radio, windows etc. And we understand that these are used cars, so there’s a certain amount of normal wear and tear that comes with that territory. What we’re really looking for is inordinate or unusual wear and tear that exceeds its miles, age– anything that would constitute a significant reconditioning item.

Exterior Condition — This is where we’re checking for dings, dents, deep scratches, and panels of damage. You can expect your inspector to open the doors, hood, trunk– they’ll also be looking for turned bolts, and other signs of previous repair. But just because the car has been previously repaired—and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In many cases, a good repair probably doesn’t affect the value at all— it just depends on the car. For example, a painted driver side to a late model Porsche 911 is a lot different than a painted driver’s side to a Chevrolet Malibu.

Mechanical Integrity — You can expect us to take the car for a mile test drive, where we can check issues like engine knock, hard shifting in the transmission, differential noise, brakes, suspension etc. If we see a check engine light on, we’ll likely pull the engine codes to see what the car is trying to tell us. But if we’re confirming an issue that you’ve already disclosed before we’ve looked at the vehicle, we’re not going to hit you twice for it.

Structural Integrity — Here we’re looking for any signs of previous damage or repairs to a frame component. On a traditional unibody car, that might be a replaced rear quarter panel or re-welded apron up front. On a truck it might be a rewelded piece of the ladder frame. Either way, we’re just checking to make sure that the safety of the vehicle hasn’t been compromised. This is why you’ll see the buyer pulling weather stripping, taking long looks at the undercarriage— we’re just ensuring the frame is in its intended, factory spec condition.

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What if you still have a payoff on your car? This is one of the coolest parts of selling your car to CarVendee. Our team will confirm the payoff amount with your Lien Holder. We will overnight that precise payoff amount to the lien holder. Then the lien holder will send CarVendee the title. And that’s it. You’re done. You don’t have to worry about anything. All we’ll need from you during your appointment is the Lien Holder information, the per diem (which is how much interest is charged per day), the account number, and the overnight payoff address. And if you’re having difficulty obtaining that information, we’re great at working with Lien Holders—bottom line—we’ll do the heavy lifting.

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The most impactful ones are overall vehicle condition, followed by mileage, vehicle history, accidents followed by current market conditions and then the vehicle remarket ability.

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The most impactful ones are overall vehicle condition, followed by mileage, vehicle history, accidents followed by current market conditions and then the vehicle remarket ability.

“How Long is a CarVendee Offer Good For?”

A CarVendee offer is good for seven days, provided the condition of the vehicle doesn’t change, and you don’t put more than a thousand miles on it in that seven-day period. Even if the market goes down, we’re going to honor our first offer.

Now here’s what makes us really different.

In that seven-day period, if we see the market suddenly appreciating on that car, we’ll pass that extra value on to you. So if it’s going up, in higher demand, we’ll notify you that we’re actually increasing your offer, because it’s worth it not to lose your business.

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This is where we finally get to meet in person–either at one of our buy centers or via mobile inspection, whether that’s at your house or business or wherever you decided to meet. We’ll confirm the condition of your vehicle, confirm the payment details, get you paid, and get you on your way. Really, you should be in and out in about 20 minutes.

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Preparing for your appointment it’s super easy. just make sure you bring your:

  • title
  • loan/lease information
  • valid registration
  • valid driver’s license

and you’re good to go.

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We appraise a lot of cars, and we know a lot about them. Just by getting your VIN, we’re able to pull all the necessary build information. And lots of us have highly specialized knowledge on particular makes and models. Everyone’s a subject matter expert at something.

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The most common condition we find is tires in need of replacement. Generally speaking, as long as your tires contain 5/32nds of tread, you’re likely in good shape. Now, this will be different though if your car is highly specialized, or at a higher price point. An Escalade, a Porsche, Corvette, or McLaren would be a good example of this. So practically, replacing tires on a commuter car could be as little as $500, while highly specialized vehicles could run as much as $2,000.

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