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Car shipping FAQ

Car shipping is a service that transports cars from one location to another. It’s a convenient solution if you’re relocating or you’ve purchased a car in another state and are not able to drive the vehicle to its destination.

To ship a car, you’ll first choose a transportation service and decide between open or enclosed transport. After agreeing to a shipping rate, you’ll schedule a date and time to have your car picked up by the transporter.

Most shipping companies offer door-to-door service that will drop your car off at its final destination, but this isn’t always possible. It’s best to inquire with potential providers about their delivery radius.

Car-shipping rates are usually calculated by the mile and vary based on the total mileage the vehicle must travel. The industry average to ship a car short distances (0-500 miles) is around $2 per mile. For medium distances (500-1,500 miles), this figure drops to around $1 per mile. And, for long distances (over 1,500 miles), shipping costs around 60 cents per mile.

It’s important to note that these numbers vary based on the shipping provider, so be sure to compare quotes from multiple providers.

A number of factors determine car shipping costs including the distance of travel, delivery location, whether the car is shipped in an open or enclosed carrier, the vehicle type and the shipping date. Find more information on each below:

Distance, location and route

Total distance in miles is the primary factor in determining the cost to ship a car. Similarly, shipping a car to locations that require drivers to navigate through heavier traffic congestion could result in higher shipping costs.

Shipment type

Choosing to ship the vehicle in an enclosed carrier can cost 30-40% more than open transport.

Vehicle details

Your car’s value, dimensions and condition can all impact shipping costs. Larger heavier cars may cost more to ship. Additionally, you may want to opt for the enclosed transport option if you’re shipping a high-value car.

Shipping date

It’s best to schedule a shipping date as far in advance as possible – you may have to pay more money for expedited transport.

Time of year

Seasonality can impact shipping costs. For example, you may need to pay more in the winter if you’re shipping your car to a warmer part of the country.

Although shipping times can be influenced by all the factors listed above, most deliveries can be made within 7-10 days. This timeline may be quicker for shorter shipping distances.

Vehicle transport insurance coverage requirements can vary by state, so be sure to ask for your shipping provider’s insurance policy to see what it includes. If the full shipment process (pickup, transport and delivery) is not covered, or your car’s value exceeds the coverage limit, you should look into securing additional cargo insurance.

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If you'd like to move forward with your quote, you can connect directly with RunBuggy. Simply place your order and RunBuggy will find a shipping provider to fulfill it — no paperwork required. After your vehicle is picked up on the agreed-upon date, you will be able to track it as it’s transported to its destination and receive status updates from the driver.

To ship with RunBuggy, the vehicle must be operational, it cannot be oversized or undersized, and it must be shipped within the lower 48 states. After your car is delivered, you’ll be asked to sign a document that confirms the vehicle arrived damage-free, or you can designate another party to sign for it. Payment is processed only when your vehicle is delivered. All payments are processed by RunBuggy. CarVendee does not process any payments or perform financial verification for payment purposes.